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Team Yellow Trailer Update
The top level on the trailer has now been modified to accommodate my recently purchased Abaco kayak for transporting.  Surprisingly the tunnel hull design on the Abaco is spaced out the same as the Hobie which is a good thing because now I know that I can transport a 2nd hobie without having to reposition the tube rails.

The tube rails were mounted using 1-3/4″ muffler clamps which were ideal since the pvc tubes will have a flat area to rest against when tightening down the u-bolts. If required, the pvc tubes can easily be repositioned with this setup.

[Image: toprail_trailermount_2sm.jpg?w=620]

Team Yellow – Now ready for action!

[Image: teamyellow_1sm.jpg?w=620]

[Image: teamyellow_2sm.jpg?w=620]

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