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The Boils off the FPL nuclear power plant
The multiple outfall pipes 3,000 feet off shore (ocean) in front of the St Lucie FPL Nuclear Power Plant on South Hutchinson Island are called 'The Boils'. Clouds of baitfish hang there along with the predators that prey on them because warm water from the power plant cooling systems comes out and attracts them. You will usually see pelicans hanging around there too, diving into the water for an easy meal. Some pelicans just seem to hang around boats and kayaks waiting for a handout.

Just south of the nuclear power plant is a good and easy place to launch our kayaks from Walton Rocks Beach Road (GPS coordinates 27.340303, -80.234020) to easily go to "The Boils".

The Boils GPS coordinates are 27°21'07.56"N 80°13'45.48"W or 27.353500, -80.235717
Put a set of coordinates into Google Maps (or Earth) to see where it is.


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