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Welcome to Central Florida YakBuddies!

No business posts, posts must be kayak or fishing related and be nice - no harassing other members.

Use the forum calendar to create and plan outings in which our members can contact / join you for your scheduled hosted event.

Avoid paddling when the water temps are 60 degrees F. or below (cold water and/or hypothermia conditions are real and should "never" be ignored.

Sea kayakers have developed a strict and elaborate sea paddling code of conduct, and one of the essential things you learn as a sea kayaker is never to paddle alone. In fact, even paddling in pairs is not considered very safe, and sea kayakers prefer to paddle in packs. While fishing in groups may not seem like an appealing idea to you, it’s important to remember that the ocean is too unpredictable and powerful for tiny, under powered vessels such as kayaks, and in this aspect planning for enough redundancy is essential for safety: Sooner or later fishing by yourself in the ocean is likely to get you in some trouble that otherwise you would have had a much better chance to get out of.

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