"Those who don't learn from zombie history are condemned to repeat it" -unknown

A viral epidemic has been escalating in norther Canada and is now spreading southward towards the United States. Television news sources have mentioned similiar viral outbreaks south of Mexico City spreading north. No one knows where this virus came from. The virus infects the host within 24 hours after initial contact. Once the virus becomes active, it causes the host (now known as a zombie) to go into a mindless killing rage for no apparent reason. Symptons may include skin discoloration and deterioration, bleeding from the mouth, nose, eyes and ears. Scientist from around the world have been studying the virus in hopes of finding a cure but so far all results have been unsuccessful. Currently the United States has closed off its borders in an attempt to prevent the virus from entering the country. The President has formed a committee to try and handle the rising threat that is headed in our direction as well as putting the military and all available armed forces on high alert. Communities all over the country are in a state of shock and panic. Fear that the virus will ultimately enter the country before a cure can be found and that our military and local police officers will not be able to handle this upcoming threat, volunteers have now formed their own militia groups known as the "ZOMBIE TASK FORCE".